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Sunday, 12 March 2017

New Stuff Our Future fanzine, Thisclose new ep and NWOTGNB Vol 2

New stock from Our Future Records.

First off is the brand new Thislose 5 song 7" ep What Glory on SPHC.  You know the score with this little lot, fantastic new release showcasing their latest line-up (now changed), the Theclosest thing I could compare this to is their one foot in the grave LP , one mid tempo number and four d-beat anthems. £4.
New Wave of the Grave new Beat vol 2 comp CD. Fantastic comp feature a crop of Discharge influenced bands, though is actually a very varied comp. It also features nineteeneightyfour, a band that includes some members of theWankys. £4 For a free stream of the album and more details go to
Our Future zine issue 1. Features stuff on ENT/KLF and Exit Hippies £1

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017


(SOLD OUT)A brand new release on Noise Punk Records is THE WANKYS- tascam hell the first year demonstration recordings C50 pro copied cassette. Limited to 70 copies.
For the first time ever these recordings are released onto cassette tape, many of which have never been heard before. 27 songs from 6 separate demonstration recordings covering the first year of the band includes many raw recordings that eventually made it onto vinyl on their d├ębut 7” and 1st album. £3 (SOLD OUT)

(SOLD OUT)FUZZY GLUE BUZZ- Recomendation of comprehensive rehablitation EP £5.50
WOW. Out of the blue comes this new band, of all places Sweden has decided to embrace the Noise Punk. This is as good as anything that the genre has produced in the past ten years, really catchy Chaotic Dischord/Chaos Channel mash up, with modern production that is super powerful. You know I wouldn't bullshit you, this is the best punk that your money can buy right now. Super stupid and amazing.(SOLD OUT)

This is a limited release (150 copies) with stickers and patch, £5.50

Fantastic fanzine from Pogo 77 Records obsessive Gimmick. English language interview with the TITS (ex-Reconsideration) and a historic look at the Slicks, reviews. Amazing. A bargain for a quid. (SOLD OUT)